What you need to know……….

The colour you see on the box is an indication of the colour on white hair.

That box is playing a very  good trick on you,how the hell does that box know what your

1.Natural Colour is?

2.The percentage of Grey?

3.The condition of your hair?

4,Is your hair different texture or colour in areas?

All of these answers play such a huge factor in the formula or formulas we as hairdressers choose to apply to your hair.

Have you been patch tested to make sure your not sensitive or Allergic to the colour[most shop brands will say this in small print at the back]

Some brands have Metallic dyes good luck with that chemical Reaction.

Salon hair colour contains the exact amount of developer you need.Shop bought ones have a standard one which in many cases will over process hair with chemicals not needed.

We professionals use 1.9,5,10,20,30 vol depending on our client.

You remember the time you got foils in your hair and it started to heat up just saying!!!!!

The chances are whatever your putting in your hair you will see a band as its

1.A differnent brand that you already have in your hair.

2.Your appliciation will be messy and overlap =another band

OH yeah then there is a timing issue when people tend to home dye it takes you so long to apply that you have different developement times in all areas of your head.This is what give you that lovely uneven finish.

As for full heads of bleach ….Get a grip as professionals we rarely perform this service in salon.

You think you can do Ombre and Balayage now after watching youtube think again its not just about technique again its the formula that can let you down.

I could go on and on all day but if you are our client and you decide to Box dye expect your next trip to the salon to treble in price and time and thats if your lucky enough to still have hair .

If you want to be clever and save a few pound over the coming weeks then watch out for the next blog post.