Last week we done a back to school day for the children and one of the main Questions from the lovely Mammies was head lice/nits.

First of all Iam going to explain exactly what happens with these little buggers.


Grey /Brown colour 1mm~3mm long these actually lay eggs which glue themself to the hair (mostly roots).

Nits are empty eggs left behind when lice hatch. They are harder to detect.

These are yellow /brown or white.

They will live in clean or dirty hair.

They climb from head to head so they have to in close contact with another head. Caps, Combs and brushes can carry them.

They Don’t Jump or fly ?

Check children’s hair for lice regularly, ideally twice a week.

As only 1 out of 3 kids itch.

Shampoo hair try use a clarifying or even purifying shampoo and while conditioner is in comb it makes lice wet and keeps them still. Do this section by section.

Use a wide comb.

Also repeat combing after rinsing the conditioner out.

Good light is important when doing this.
Check close to the scalp.
Treat the hair only if live lice or unhatched eggs are present.

When you do treat the hair. Do it again 2 weeks later and 1month later to make sure they are all gone?

Also some children who have had reoccurring headlice we have coloured with a slightly acidic clear gloss semi as headlice don’t like this and won’t survive it.

Treat the child and other family members as soon as possible.

Inform the school, contacts and friends when your child has head lice.

The school can then inform other parents that there is an outbreak, so everyone can check and treat their own children.
Products used to treat head lice do not prevent the infection from occurring and should never be used ‘just in case’.

Lastly the only main tip that we see working is For Girls

Always tie back the hair especially if long.

Always wear a cotton hairband covering the hairline area.

I hope this helps you understand a little and I literally can’t stop itching my head right now but if you do need any more advise Call us in either of our salons

017979358 or 045450222