What I can say yet again Color Wow have done it again brought out a product that was is needed on to the market .I was one of the lucky ones and got my hand on this before it was launched on the Irish market.

Its a break through for those in hard water areas or anyone who finds minerals building up on their hair.

Its easy to use and you will see instant results.

before you shampoo your hair section by section spray the lotion on to your hair concentrating on brassy or hard areas on mid lengths and ends,leave for 3-5minutes and Shampoo as normal .Colorwow recommend you use their Colour safe shampoo but any professional one that doesn’t contain sulphates will be perfect .

Dream filter Is ideal for all hair types and color shades.It will only lift off minerals and will not affect your colour lasting.

It will brighten hilites and remover any imperfections leaving a filtered result.

go on try it for yourself.

We over this service in Both our salons for an extra €5 or you purchases a bottle from our online store €28.95

Any questions do not hesitate to ask our team .