It has been 6months since I sat down and took time to write a blog post and I know people don’t read them as much but that’s not why I started out writing them.
I write these posts to share my knowledge with those interested.
To celebrate achievements in our Team and even just so that I can look back in a few years and remember these times.
Ok So 2019 has brought Our Own Collection led by Olivia.
The theme was Romantism 2019.
This is something We are so proud of ,it is our 1st but definetly not our last.
We actually placed 5th in IHF Best Team Collection with 4 of the Images.
Seeing the team come together to complete this was mind blowing.
We then put 2 entries in for the Wella Trend Vison which we are now Finalists in.
Some were in between all this Pelo Hairdressing 95 Swords rd Whitehall was Born.
I was born and reared and lived in this area for 17years so its quite surreal.
I Teamed up with my good friend Claire and we have created another hairhub of love.A brand new Team to add to our already beautiful family.
Newbridge are on the move ,we are just Finished a 2storey Brand new build.
I will do separate blogs on both units as they were very different .Both beautiful and equally as hard !!!!Our poor families.
We fronted A roadshow across Ireland launching Ammonia Free Colour Precious Nature into the Alfaparf Hair world.
Cork,Galway and Dublin seen Team Pelo alongside Technical Manger Ger Hand present Models and demo live on stage to hundreds of hair Salons.A huge achievement for us.Lisa and Sandra created the most stunning work on all these events.Christine ,Emma and Makeup by Merry.
We started filming tutorials for our Instagram and to show how amazing our team is.I love seeing the girls Shine .I believe we have the most talented bunch of amazing artists who work so hard every single day.
Our free scalp camera checks are still in full flow and one of the nicest service we offer people in times of  need for advice on their scalp issues.
Thinning hair,Alopecia and Chemo Clients we really hit this scene hard as it means so much to us.
We launched Tape extensions into salon.Haircontrast quality is amazing as its the same hair that it used for our wigs and top pieces.
Video Uploads are still done once a month so if you need advise and cant get into our salons we still offer that service free.
Nikki  and Emma received her Master colour Award
Sandra placed 5th in IHF fantasy competion
Christine Top 10 Trainee
Sabrina finalist Best Editoral
Libbie &Denise finalist in Wella Trend Vision 2019
Shauna is back from Maternity leave .
Shaunas 10 week styling course for beginners is Back.
Denise Silver Most Creative Colourist Image
Denise Silver Best established Business in Kildare.
A special Mention to Sharon our front of house,without her we wouldn’t do what we do so successful she is SUPER.
Another Double Duo myself and Brendan teamed up and launched Voduz.
This process definetly needs its own blog post !but Iam so excited about this as its a field I know nothing about .Iam terrified yet so ambitious for this Brand.I think its good to do things totally out of your comfort zone and this has been all of that and more.
We have been working with Rmpr agency for the last 3 mths and our Instagram looks Slick.
As I finish this blog post we are gearing up for the LAUNCH Party for Dublin this Sunday 9th,so I promise next week I will come back with a few pics and a few more words to mark this special day .xxxxx
Oh and A huge thank you to every single clients who trusts us,chooses us ,watches us none of it goes unnoticed.
Love Denise xxx