Hair loss through Chemo

Chemo uses Anti-cancer drugs which travel around the body and reach cancer cells wherever they are.

Damage to healthy cells  can also occur during this process

Not all chemo causes hairloss.

Healthy cells normally repair themselves very quicky

Hair Loss through Radiotherapy

Radiotheraly uses high energy xrays to treat cancer and is used to treat a specific part of the body

Radiotherapy in specific result in hairloss to that area and often to any area the beam has passed through.

 Colouring H

airPost Cancer Treatment

Medicial advice is 6 months for permanent colouring services.

The scalp is sensitive

The scalp absorbs everything much quicker

The new growth is very precious

The new hair is fragile

Always do A patch test for colour service

Always do a wet strectch test on the hair to check its strength

Always do a elasticity test before coloring

Always do a strand test for colour result reference

Always s make sure the scalp is healthy

Remember hair might respond different to colour than prior chemo

Avoid darker shades as PPD is higher