Alopecia,Hairloss,Receding Hairlines

We were seeing more and more of this every day yet we couldn’t fully help our clients needs.

Team meeting and then Our Scalp Clinic Evolved…

We trained for 3 weeks alongside Aileen Maher Scalp &Wig Specialist.

Learning things about the scalp we never knew existed.

We then trained with Haircontrast As we wanted a more naturally wig than a full heavy piece .

We wanted to offer clients who had thinning hair or bald patches an alternative as they didn’t need full wigs .

Our scalp wig is fully booked at least a week in advanced and it is definetly the best service we offer in salon

We now have introduced the camera which is the most amazing little device allowinh clients for the first time to actually see what is going on underneath their mane of hair or see if there is signs of newgrowth.

We offer this service Free of chargeĀ  (mon-thurs) and you will receive a full product scription with no obligation to purchase.

We have been so happy with the outcome and improvements in our clients care for their scalp.

Remember that your hair has to live daily on your scalp so if its not healthy its impossible for the hair to be.

Homecare is more important than any service that happens in our salon as its the maintance that is most important for our clients.

We find the kemon range so specfic for scalp needs and the results from

Pfacfor hair loss lotions

Kemon exfoliant gel

Kemon dry scalp and

Kemon sensitive range are incredible and once clients try this range they are hooked

We then searched for an alternative to full wigs

Hair contrast Was introduced to us.

This wig is a T-parting section which allowd clients to have a piece taped on to the scalp for up to 6 weeks.They can sweat,shower and live normally without having the task of removing a wig.

After 9 mths of seeing this service grow we became the distrubtion company in Ireland.(I will do a full blog post on this)

But for now if you have any Scalp Issues please do contact one of our team to help