Representing Ireland at The World’s Biggest Hair Competition.

Yes it was as scary as it sounds.

Ali (bespokehairdressing),Mon Narramon and myself set out for Progressive Colour&Cut and Avante Garde.

Paris was incredible and overwhelming all in One huge Arena.

1000’s of hairdressers,Salon brands and distrubtors all set up in one place can you imagine.

The teams were like army troops all in uniform ,all uniformed in their movements.It was evident the experience and work that went into these teams.The money spent,the skill and as for the costumes.I was speechless.

We spent 2days in the apartment praticing and perfecting our work not getting much sleep and in the blink of an eye the

Sunday arrived.

We trained for a 9 mths for this Day.

We went out of the floor alongside all the other teams .The team coaches stood longside the barriers screaming at their piers.The judges walked up and down making sure no cheating was happening and if it was disqualifying the contestant.The bell rang

30minutes later but I wasnt finished my cut  ?ahhhhh it was so disheartening .I was so upset but there was nothing I could do .No one could have prepared me for that floor it was mental.

Myself and Alison decided we needed to up our game and stayed up all night improving our Avante garde piece.I was happy with the Monday and felt I done my team proud .I was so grateful for the whole experience Maeve O’Healy Harte gave me and she allowed me to be involved in a whole new world of hairdressing that I never even knew existed.She organised World Champion Steven Smart to train us and he shared some of the most useful tips for competiting.

I was totally out of my comfort zone this year but With the help of Team Ireland I learnt some valuable lessons.

Huge Thanks to my Team in Pelo for not letting me give up and especially Alison my partner in crime.

Until next year which the prep will start in January for sure.????

* Margaret from skillnet,Jock -Maeve hubbie,Cathy,Mary,Niall and so many more