Buy Good Buy Once,

Ditch everything in the bathroom that you don’t use and start fresh.

?Shampoo,Conditioner and Treatment

3 simple Products you need in your life if you want Beautiful Hair.?‍♀️??

Why Professional Homecare????

What do actually  do ?

They will prolong your colour especially if your an intense colour

They will make your colour last longer most professional homecare has color fix complex in it for this reason.

Clean your hair without removing colour and natural oils.

Gives your hair the omegas,keratin and ingredients it needs in order to be healthy and look shiny.

Gives the hair strength,moisture and volume all the time.

Smooths hairshaft,repairs spilt ends and helps you look amazing !!!

You catch my drift now what Shampoo What brand should you buy ??

Forget about brands and concentrate on what your hair actually needs.

Reparative Ranges-Chemically damaged hair.

Moisture Range -Naturally Dry Hair or Curly.

Volume-Hair that’s limp,lacks volume

Scalp Range-scalp that’s sensitive or dry /oily

Hair Loss-.For alopecia,chemo patients and post baby.

Curly Range-Frizz hair ,fine curly hair ,wild curly hair

Once you know what your actually looking for it will narrow it down for you ,always ask your stylist if your unsure as they will tell you best .

You can also send us a picture or video of your hair and we will advise you  on what suits best.

Reasses product choice each time you purchase?