I was so nervous representing my country at such a high level as a solo Artist.

I have never done anything like this before.

I decided 4 weeks before the competition that I wanted to change my entry as Julie hair was dark and gothic for Visionary Finals.

I knew I was taking A risk but I wanted to push myself even further.

Myself Nikki ,Merry and my Model Julie flew into London on the Saturday morning and the minute we hit our apartment the prep began.

The girls went searching for food[alchol] and I began the colour.

My vision for this Competition Theme Mysique was an Egyptian Goddess so I wanted to introduce Golds ,Peaches ,Expensive Tones throughout her hair.

I also wanted it very soft and beautiful.

The outfit from Claire Garvey Design and was so beautiful and complimented every tone in her makeup and hair.

When I sat down with Make up by Merry we always make sure we are in zinc!

Without her my vision is nothing.

All my prep was done in salon beforehand so Julie base was done.

Julie had freshly clean bleach hair toned with


6pumps of va &60mls 10vol

Also Used Joico violet conditioner 3 times that week to make sure my base was so clean.

I then panelled Julie hair [only the outer layers as I didn’t want to colour underneath sections as it would bleed threw and the definition would be lost.

30grams 10.31,5grams viola &5vol

40mls 10.21,5ml,2000ml &5vol

I alternated sections again keeping it off the root area[applied conditioner to this]

I got up at 6am Sunday morning to blowdry Julie hair as I find the heat and the hussle back stage at the competitions can destroy your finish.I only touch up the hair 1hour prior to competion.

When we got there I was right ,every country has an area to set up,some teams where colouring and cutting their models from 9am to showtime!

We had very strong entries From Ireland In Fantasy and Gents.Frank Hackett,Hugh Campell Group and Veronika Byrne.

I took an hour out to go around and peep on the international teams for the show.

Alan Edwards,Anne Veck,Guy Kremer were some of my favourites but I was inspired by each and every single one.

The Standard was like nothing I have ever seen ,I felt so lucky to be apart of the show.Grateful for the opportunity MaeveO’Healy harte gave me and pushed me to move forward.

When they called out Ireland and my Name it was like all my Dreams came threw in that second,walking onto an International stage that my Idols had just showcased their collections in front of thousands was incredible.

I never thought at the start of the year I could push myself so far and Become the best version of myself.

Thank you to my team who are my Dream.


“Fighting Leukaemia is our mission. We will do everything we can to hasten the day when ALL children survive“.
Tony & Maggie Rizzo
Trustees – The Alternative Hair Charitable Foundation

This makes this an even more special Occasion