I first came across this range as I was sourcing a hairloss shampoo for my client who is vegan.

Actyva is the range within the Kemon family and Iam so impressed by it its broken into 10 categories and covers a Suncare range,Volume range,Colour ,Scalp and so much more.The products are so respectful t the skin and scalp that you can use them on your skin too.This post would be 10 pages long if I explained all so I broke it up and picked my top 5 products in the Range.All products are sulphate and parabin free,certified Love NatureICEA Vegan and packaging is made of Green Polyethylene.

1. Volume Spray Building,volumising spray that will literally pump out the hair shaft ,great if you don’t blowdry as it still delivers results.Leaves the hair feeling full and thick.

2.Purezza Gel Exfoilanting treatment,this contains rice brans which remove impurities from  the scalp.if you use this regularly you will stop dandruff reappearing.This is amazing for dry shampoo lovers as we sometimes forget that hair lives and breaths from the scalp so it is very important to keep it fresh and clean.Apply to dry scalp and assage for 5/10 minutes before shampoo.

3,.Bellessere balm this ones I actually use for myself and Beths skin I brought them on holidays and have been using it ever since.Argan,sweet almondoils and flaxseed extracts make it glide like butter making the skin soft and silk like.

4.Nuova Fibre Serum 30ml x12 This is the vegan equilavant to  sos oils from alfaparf.It will repair and strengthen the hair from inside.You must apply the mask over it and place under heat for 15minutes to get full results.This intense treatment will strengthen weakened hair

5.PFactor Intensive woman lotion I have to include this range as it was the products that lead me to this brand.This range is or hair loss but its actually designed to work to prevent hair loss.PREVEN.TION IS BETTER THAN CURE!These products were tested on alopecia suffers and got such amazing results making it a best seller for kemon.

If like me your a hair product addict then this brand doesn’t disappoint,they even to Vegan Colour.The brand is globally successful and I feel like its future in Ireland will be an amazing one.