That 2nd most ever product I have received mails about also the 2nd most well received product as in anyone who has purchased it has raved so much about it.

This brand is No.1 seller in America but doesn,t have the marketing here in Ireland.

Iam totally obsessed with Chris Appleton stylist to KimK,Jo-L and so many celebs but more importantly he is a product addict just like me.

Dream Coat is hands down the best Anti-Humidity Treatment ever invented.

Most chemically treated or coloured hair is porous/dry and it is so much more prone to Frizz .Dream coat Silicone free that will maintain the moisture levels in the hair,smoothen the fibres and leave your blowdry looking so sleek.

If your like me and you need to know the science behind it then read on …

Heat activated polymer works to compress and seal hair strands.

The sealant wraps around the hair allowing no moisture to get back into the hairshaft in turn eliminating frizz!

[You must blowdry it into the hair to activate the product],

The lightweight spray allows the product not to be to heavy or make it greasy with the best nozzle applicator ever there is no room for overspray.It also lasts 2/3 shampoo so the product will last you a lifetime.

I recommend applying it section by section on towel dried hair liberally ,I recommend not using anyother product on mid-lengths or ends and then on next shampoo you can choice another favourite as you wont need to reuse Dreamcoat.

However apply your rootlift or volumising spray [Kemon volumising spray is devine] to your root area and finish your blowdry with serum or Hairspray to really lock in the moisture levels.I love

the whole Wow range and will  hopefully get to fill you in in rest of the range soon.

It can be purchased in our store section  €35.95 or pop into salon for a free consult on any styling needs