I get asked by hairdressers every day what this course is about.alot of hairdressers are almost afraid of the unknown and to be honest Iam exactly the same.I first done my Master colour degree in 2004 with Wella .I  was just home from Australia and felt I needed sme inspiration and education,it was very a intensive 2weeks but got me back in the game and I felt ready to grow as a colourist.Once again in 2011 I spent 2 years in Crumlin College studing for my Master Degree.Once again way out of my comfort zone studying Advanced Science Hairdressing as well as Business.This really pushed me to my limits and made me progress in areas I couldn’t have imagined.So why did I do my Alfaparf Master Colour Degree this year when I had all these behind me.Simple really

Education is the only way we will learn new information.The industry Is moving so fast and if we don’t make an attempt or effort to move with it we will get left behind and I am not talking about the fact that we wont still be brilliant hairdressers as we will but what will happen is that you have stayed in your comfort zone for so long that you will be bored.

Bored of doing the same thing,bore of the same information,same techniques and doing similar clients all day long.There is nothing wrong with this but you will get bored eventually.

As its fresh in my mind Iam going to share with what I learnt from the Alfaparf Master Colour Degree .Firstly Ger Hand the technical Manager is amazing he knows the brand inside ouot and backwards and if he doesn’t know something he will find out for you.The class I was in was a mixed group Salon owners 20yrs + and some newly qualified stylists  we all had one thing in common we wanted to learn.not only did we learn about the chemical product,colour correction ,inner bonds,re-acidification,double toning,pastel toners,scalp problems but we also llearnt Presentation skills and the art of1 teaching and story telling for us to pass on to our team.

The written exam is tough and takes a lot of study but if you put the har work in you will fly it.

 If you are having thoughts aoout doing this and your worried about juggling study ,hometime and work believe me you can do it 100’s have before you and 100’s will after you.

The plane is leaving weither your on it or not….