What are hair serums and why should you use them?

These are 2 of the most commonly asked questions when It comes to serums.

To be honest most professional hair serum will do the same thing….

Protect the hair from environmental aggressors,Dust and heat and most importantly add Shine to the hair.

Tame Frizz and make the hair feel good.

But I want you to know that serum that are made of,silicone based extracts

amino acids and ceramides act as a plastic wrap on the hair this is what makes the hair feel good and tames the fly aways!

Serums are a quick fix to treat the hair at the surface so if you want to treat damaged cuticles you need a different oil that works on the inside condition.

Now that you know exactly what your purchasing I want to share with you my favourite serums on the market

1.Alfaparf Precious Nature Oil,

This is a thick Oil which I adore

Lavender ,Grape ,almonds to name a few this range is made up such natural ingredients you will want to eat it.It nourishes and detangles and they have One for curly hair which defines the curls and tames the frizz.

Sulphate and parabin free mineral oil free,child friendly and great for sensitive clients.

I would apply this one on wet hair I find it works best.

2.Alfaparf Crystalli Liquid

Have you seen the new packaging that alone is a winner for me.This serum is my biggest memory as a trainee as every salon I worked in every stylist I met loved this.It suits ALL HAIR TYPES.If you are unsure of a serum to suit you then I promise this won’t be heavy or too light.Its a just right oil.

Linseed extracts,Vitamin E ,sulphate and parabin free.Smoothens hair and adds shine.I always end up with this oil In my kit.

3.Redken Frizz dismiss smoothing serum-This smoothing serum is for fine hair that sometimes get weighed down from oils.It tames frizz and is perfect as a styling oil for curly unruly hair.Redken styling range always deliver for me.

FDF 30 ,Heat protection,sulphate free.

This leave in oil definetly stops humidity.

4.Kemon oil

This one is a newbie for me .

100%vegan,sulphate and parabin free.This oil is so hydrating and super lightweight.

It has Argan oil,Linsed oiland Africian palm tree oil.You can use this oil on wet or dry hair.Once again  super natural and very respectful to sensitive clients.

When applying your serum work on the ends first and follow into mid lengths

Finishing serums/Oils are not for scalp area.

When applying the oil work it into your hands and leave ingredients to setle for a few minutes before applying to hair.

Find a serum that works for you and you’ll never look back.