I had to write a few lines while here in the beautiful Perth,Australia.We are travelling down South so packing a few essentials is extremely difficult for a hair addict. My makeup bag is empty in order to squeeze a few extras in.

First up Shampoo the No.1 most important part of your homecare, these are the ingredients that hit the hairshaft when its wet ,hair and scalp can absorb all the important nutrients from your shampoo.I need Moisture as my hair strength is good but my hair is dry so I choose Semi di Lino Moisture Shampoo followed by Moisture Mask as my conditioner.I also brought some 100ml Nax Moisture shampoo &Conditioner as they are so handy to pop in for overnight stays.

The best invention for me for at home,in salon or on holidays is Pigments .

This allows my hair to be shiny,healthy and my tone to be vibrant which is so hard when you spend so much time in the Sun.You can pop your pigments into water and blowdry into the hair,into your mask and leave for 30minutes or into any of your styling products.If you don’t own pigments please do best €6 you will ever spend.

 I know I have going on about this brand Nax but for me the whole range tick so many boxes making it consumer friendly.I apply NAX moisturing leave in cream concentrating on my Gold Fever extensions and blowdry into the hair as its heat activated.It has a Thermal protection,UV protection like almost the whole range.The range caters for Scalp to Hair and this is a winner for me as I always say Healthy Scalp=Healthy hair…….My trusty travel Tangle Teaser comes everywhere with me and I have to say I would have been lost without it especially for Beth[my 3yr old]as she was sweating a lot her curls became knotty so I just spray Nax Thermal Protection in her hair and brush threw.I use all the same products on Beth so it is important that the products I use are sulphate and paraben free to respect the natural oils in the hair /scalp.Another Newbie to my Kit is Kemon oil .What I love about this oil is it is safe to use on your skin.This automatically tells me how much the scalp and sensitivity means to this company.Its Vegan and its brilliant.It is suitable for all hair types as my hair is very fine and if I apply a lot of oils they weight my hair down making it lifeless and greasy!This oil is very similar to Semi di Lino Cyrsalli as both are similar consistency and seal the cuticle.

If you pack the moisture into wet hair you will prevent frizz and when you blowdry it will be locked in.It also means less products afterwards.

I had to bring my olaplex No.3 with me which I’m going to do in the next few days and for styling equipment I only brought

my Maxi Instyler as you can curl and smoothen hair with it.Iam using an adaptor and seems to work perfectly.

If you want a blog post on some styling essentials and tips let me know.

My styling products took up half my case!