Iam very Proud to launch Ireland’s First and Only Free Video Consulation online.

Life is very busy and sometimes its just impossible to make time for ourself.

Yet we really do want to look after our hair it is our crown after all…….

That is why we have made life so much easier for you with our Free video online consulation.

Do you want advice on your next colour service?

Do you need a Bridal Package for your Big Day?

Do you want advice on suitability of a haircut or style?

Do you need some help choosing homecare or styling products?

Do you feel embarrassed going to a salon and just need help without the hairdressing judging your last 10 box colours and supermarket shampoo????

SIMPLE log onto our website www.pelohairdressing.ie,Hit the 1st Tab “Video Upload”,3simple steps from the comfort of your home on your phone it really couldn’t get any easier.

We will then email you back with our advice.

If you do want to pop into one of our Team of Top Hairdressers across Ireland suitable to your location you can….See I told you we are all about making this Life Easy Peasy!!!!!

Did I mention Its FREE ?

There is no obligation to purchase any products or have any service done!!

We are here to help educate you on any hair advice you need.

Thank you for your continued support and we are always trying to improve our services and the industry we adore,so if you need help or if you have any ideas on how we can deliver innovative ideas to you please let us know.