“I have never had a toner done in my hair!”

What are toners?

In simple form Toners cancel ,correct and even out unwanted tones in the hair.

Toners do a lot more and are so important in our salon we actual do more toning services than any other service in salon.

We camoflouge hair colour.

We soften the look of regrowth.

We create seamless hi-lites and match the hair colour in together.

It acts as a topcoat to your hair .

It adds shine and richness .

It seals all colour services.

It acts as a filler to even out porosity of the hair.

It makes hair flawless from roots to ends.

We use Semi-permanet or Demi -permanent hair colour that deposits tone.It is designed to sit on the outside of the hair shaft so they don’t contain ammonia and only need low volume of peroxide to work.

We carry out toners after bleaching services as the hair is in a raw-pigment state and it adds back in pigment which is so Important on any colouring service,Toners are brilliant at adding colour to faded out hair and in between colour services.

Apply to towel dried hair in small sections and start in the area that needs correcting most.The porosity depends om the development time but we always keep an eye out and scrape off a section before rinsing.You can always reapply to certain areas if nessacary.

Since the pigments hit the market in 2016 our toning service has became so popular with clients regularly changing their hair for the weekend .

We can also tail make toner for homecare with the pigment masks and shampoo’s.Please if you have never had a toner.Ask your hairdresser they will introduce you to a whole new world.Life is for toning Trust me you’ll never look back .