You must use conditioner in your hair?That’s what my Mam also told me.

So of course I always did my brain was programmed in believing it would make my hair shiny and healthy?

Then I began a career in hairdressing and I was told the same until years later when I done my Masters Degree for Quailified Hairdressers and learnt the truth about conditioners its ingredients and what it actually does.Keep reading if you too want to know.

Hair conditioner is a product that changes the texture and apperanace of the hair…

Until its washed again!!!! Confused????

Look at the next ad on telly for conditioners-“Healthy Looking Hair”,but what about Healthy Hair.

Ok lets speak some English.Hair conditioner fills out the hair by making it s way into the dents and damaged pieces of our hair.It makes it look shiny by laying on the hair shaft and reflecting.

As for leave in conditioners they modify the hair surface by coating it with polymers as Glossers.

Leave In conditioners are good for to reduce knotty,kinky frizzy hair and make it easy to brush it out.They too bind the hair surface.Conditoner is used to make that service look and feel better.We use conditioner to make our blowdry look amazing but it doesn’t treat the hair.Hair treatments will build,repair and moisturise the hair.This is why I recommend anyone with dry damaged hair to use their deep masks after every shampoo.

Now I will educate you a little futher take these down -Soduim Lauryl sulphate& Dioxane .

Trust me if you coated your skin on you r face with these regularly you would make sure these never touched your scalp or hair.Also if you layer the hair with these products it will leave a layers on the hair shaft and in turn your hair will be limp ,flat and will affect colouring services

Little homework for you .Shampoo your hair and let it dry naturally if your hair looks good then clearly conditioner is ok to use as it make life easy and reflect a nice shine off the hair.If however its dry ,fuzzy,brittle then you need to invest in Treating your hair with the correct products.Ask you  stylist if your struggling with your homecare as they know your hair best.Conditioner is like your moisturiser it will make your hair /skin look good but won’t treat the underlying issue.So next time someone tells you conditioner will strengthen your hair or will make your hair healthy you now are educated and will make decisions in whats important and needed in your homecare.