Do you want the perfect frame around that beautiful picture?

Do you want balance?

Would you like to mimize non-pleasing features and promote and compliment your positive ones?

Tie your hair up,place yourself in front of a mirror and find out your shape!

Oval Face Shape.

Forehead&Jaw are the same width.

Length is equal to 1&1/2  times the width.

Thank your Mama for Good genes.

You can pull any style off.

Short,Mid,Long be adventurous.

Round Face

Length is approx equal to width.Circular

You need to stay away from adding more width.No full blunt lines or Fringes.

Longer hair styles suit and sweeping longer fringes.Add the volume on the ends rather than the root area.

Square Face.

Strong &Broad forehead,Angular Jaw.

Side fringes work great.Medium length and soft layered textured haircuts.

Anything to soften lines.No blunt haircuts or sharp lines allowe

Heart Face.

Wide at forehead&cheek bones.Narrow at jawline.Stay away from Bobs.

Chin length layers and texture.Long length with added texture works well. Downstyling is best.

Triangular Face

Forehead &checkbones are narrow,jawline is wide.Suits shorter hair styles.Bringing focus to top of face will even out features to the eye.Sleek hair or high pony are a Fav.

Oblong Face

Face is longer than it is wide.Long straight cheekline.By adding width and layers you will balance out face.Not too long or too short.Medium length works great and layering will add volume.

Curl,volume anything that will widen your face suits.

This is a quick guide and not A hair Bible.You can wear any style anytime anywhere once you own it .