We all love getting that extra day from our hair washing routine.Dry Shampooo has became one of our best selling products in the last 6mths with such a huge range to choose from.Before I tell you about my top Picks. Its my priority to  educate you  on the facts about DryShampoo and the effects it has on your scalp.

1.Dry Shampoo does not clean your scalp.If you repeatedly use dry shampoo the build up will dry out your hair even more.

2.Over use can train and prevent the hair from producing natural oils.It also clogs the pores.

3.It will dull your hair colour as its soaking up oils and natural oils from the hair.

4.Scalp sensitivity and dry scalp is known to worsen if you don’t wash yor hair regularly.

5.It can stop or slow down the natural shedding process.

6.Even though we apply dry shampoo to the scalp as your hair is brushed residue will be on the midlengths and ends of hair causing more build of product.

7.Many if not Most Dry shampoo contain alcohol which drys out the hair and scalp,this in turn will make the hair clump together and can cause extra hairloss.

Now the goods news.

1.If you Don’t use dry shampoo 2 days in a  row and shampoo in between sprays you won’t get build up .

2.Everyone needs to use an exfoliating shampoo at least once a week it will clear the scalp of any product .It will remove any dead skin cells .

It will clean your scalp and allow hair to grow and breath freely.

3.Dont overuse any styling products as the hair will be limp and weighed down from them.

4.I have yet to find a 100%natural amazing dry shampoo but I would urge you to try invest in a professional brand as they offer sulphate-free and parabin free ingredients.

5.To reduce the amount of time you wash your hair try keeping your hands off your locks.Also try turn your head upside down when drying or applying dry shampoo as it will lift the natural root and creat volume.

I have tried and tested all these dry shampoos over 6 months as well as on myself on the salon floor and shoots so Iam confident In my recommendations.

First up is Redken Two Day Extender this is definitely the lighest of all 3 so won’t weigh down even the finest hair.No residue or white matte effect.I adore this product.Its top of the list for me.The aerosol nozzle dispenses the perfect amount of product evenly.

2.Joico Instant Refresh this again is light enough in consistency yet it will absorbs the excess oil.No residue and doesn’t create a white layer on the hair.Great product with amazing conditioning ingredients in it.

3.Moroccan oil dry shampoo for dark tones /light tones. I love this as it conceals the root growth or blends greys .It is heavier in consistency but once you shampoo regularly its amazing .Very luxious feel and my favourite packaging.Great versatile product covering 2 hair issues at once.

Hope it helps you understand the use of Dry shampoo and If you have any favourite I would love to hear .