Is your Hair in the worst condition ever?

Is it time to ditch the bleach/straighteners and finally start repairing your locks well then this blog post is designed just for you.

This takes dedication,time and money so if your ready to give this 100% follow my plan.

Iam advising this plan using Semi di Lino products as they are sulphate free and I can guarantee the results from these.

Night time Routine.

1.Shampoo hair using Reparative Shampoo however if your hair is clean[no product in it] dampen down hair and apply

2.Reparative Sos oils to mid lengths and ends of hair and blowdry into the hair.

Morning Routine

1.Reparative Shampoo

Use a €2 coin size of shampoo if you find it difficult to get a lather add more water not shampoo.

On 2nd shampoo leave the shampoo to rest  on hair to allow ingredients to penetrate.Rinse thouroughly,squeeze out all the water and follow with

2.Reparative mask .apply 2x €2coin size mid-lengths to ends and you must brush threw the hair evenly then leave for at least 5 minutes.

3.Lighty towel dry the hair with patting technique and apply reparative leave in spray all over concentration on areas that are very broken .

4.Apply heat protection to the hair before blowdrying the Ghd is the one I always end up  reaching for.

5Make sure you are using a Soft bristle brush from Chatome or Tangle teaser at all times.

6.No Ammonia colour services or hot tool0s to be used for the next 6 weeks.


FOR THE NEXT 6 SHAMPOO’S YOU CANNOT BREAK THE CYCLE .So if you wash your hair 6 times in one week or if its ove 12 weeks it doesn’t matter what maters is you follow the routine without a break until the box is finished.

What does it do ?

Dedicated to damaged and weakened hair, a professional treatment that replenishes deep down. The hair, which is repaired from within, appears strong and incredibly more elastic.