I took the 5 most “talked” about hair texturising products on the market and put them to the test.   Lets get straight down to it -what I liked,what I disliked and what I love…                                Hair shake by Joico

This is hands down a game changer for me as a stylist.It delivers in every way.Adds volume and hold to the hair that lasts all night.You can use this on root,mid lengths and ends and will give you thickness like you have never had before.This product does exactly what it says it will.It is backcombing in a bottle.What I love about this product it will add texture without having to prestyle the hair to achieve a textured finish so even the beginners can play with this one.Beware you will need to shampoo your hair the next day unless you want the bedhead look its difficult to tame the hair the morning after.The product applys wet and drys to style.Not much of a scent.Love the nozzle on this as it shoots out perfect amount of product.

Packagaing is high end and price point is wroth every penney €25.


Dry Texture Spray by Moroccan Oil

Gorgeous Packaging.Firstly I hate when a product says “for all hair types” as I feel this is a very unfair marketing tool and how can a product suit every single hair type…lets see!

It definetly is a dry product which I feel if you have dry hair it will literally sit on top of your hair.For me it irriated my scalp and left a chalky consitancy on my hair and scalp.

However I have used this to style on the salon floor on naturally wavy hair hair and it worked amazing.I used it on shoot on Denise Van Outen [short hair]and it also worked amazing.

So for me Good condition,wavy or natural hair this product would be perfect but on mine its a No.Scent is light and airy. 6/10

Body Shake by Joico

Packaging is very summery but fresh and nice.This product for me is a lighter version of hair shake.Its for the person who doesn’t love the feel of product in their hair yet wants hold and volume.Its Perfect for fine hair as it wont weigh it down and you can apply this to root area,mid lengths or ends.This product will give you body and delivers for me in every way.Great as styling product on day old hair to revamp and give it life.Really gives a texture feel to the hair and will suit most hair types.The nozzle doesnt overspray so you can control the amount you apply easily which is so important in fine hair.Gorgeous scent very beachey.


Bedroom Hair by Kevin Murphy

Packagaing hands down the nicest.

This product is not for me.It is hard and sticky in the hair and gave me no movement at all.My hair was hard and I couldn’t work the product into my hair.It is certaintly not conditioning on the hair.I tried this product on a few different hair types and it definetly didn’t find a place on our salon floor.It left residue on the hair even after shampooing on more than 1 occasion.It also states that its a hairspray but it didn’t deliver on this either.The aerosal shoots too much product out and over saturated fine hair with product.I was very disappointed in this product.2/10

Beach Shake by Joico

Very Summery Packaging.

The name is a bit misleading as you still need to style the hair in order to create the tousled look.After curling my hair I apllied the beach shake and it does state its for medium/thick hair and it is.It was too heavy for my fine hair and weighed it down.I used it on the market it states..Coarse hair and it was amazing.You can brush this product straight out too .It smeels and felt gorgeous and very luxurious to work with.can be used roots,midlengths and ends.You need to have a good strong head of hair to benefit with this product.All Joico products contain indgredients that will nourish the hair and thast why you pay extra but that also means no residue,no build up of product on the scalp and washed out easily.8/10

This is just my opinion its not fact and is based on me using these products on myself and clients.Thanks os much for reading and would love to hear your opinions.