We see lots of old deadly trends coming back for 2018…

1.Banana Buns

Get rid of that TopKnot,everything is low and soft.


Throw out them Crunchies and wrap that ribbin around your locks!Velvet,Silk or make sure to recycle them X-mas wrappings!.


Yes all sizes !Small ,slides,clicky,Pins its all in !

4.Braided Buns

2 day old Hair just became 3.?

5.Looped Pony.

This has to be my Fav.

Low Pony tail has never been prettier.

6.Novelty Hair Clips.

If you can buy it in Penneys its in.

Worn anywhere in the hair you choose.

The biggest trend for 2018.

Claire you influencer!

These are some of the styling accesories we will see hit the catwalk in 2018.

I adore everyone of these and can’t wait to see all the spins on these.