12 week Blowdry ..

Are you sick of frizzy hair?

Are you sick of spending hours blowdrying your hair and 10 minutes later looking like you were dragged through a bush!

Then you need this treatment in your life.

If you want super smooth manageable shiny hair then read on……………….

Alfaparf is the brand creator and as you know they are sulphate and paraben free products.

So this Keratin based treatment will smoothen the hair for 12 weeks (although the results we are getting last months)making blowdrying so much easier on the client.

It will keep the frizz at bay and inject so much moisture to the hair that it stays calm and soft throughout the next few months.

A lot of our clients who have this service done have curly hair but want to maintain that curl.

This is why Lisse Design is so popular you  can have that curl but also have hair envy.

You can also get this treatment in a lesser form that last 8 weeks this is mainly for clients who have finer hair but also want to shake that frizz away.

We have 2 Lisse Design Technicians in salon and as this treatment takes up to 3 hours you have full attention of your stylist as this service is applied so accurately and needs attention to detail.

Emily &Christine have achieved incredible results in salon and we are proud to be reowned for this service.

Homecare is the important part of the aftercare and is included in the cost .

Free consulation is available and here you can get honest advice and suitability for your hair type and texture.

Cost starts at €80

For Full Treatment Service

Coarse Thick Hair €180-€200

Finer hair €120-€140

Including your full homecare Pack.

We also offer the Deep Conditioning on the go service in Lisse Design €40.

Call in for a Free consulation.