A Day with a difference was has by all.

A Day full of real ,genuine ladies on stage surrounded by honest beautiful women.

Did you ever want to just be yourself??

Did you ever want to have just have a Pint instead of a glass???

Did you ever want to talk about how we don’t all fit in????

Did you ever want to just have a laugh and a Giggle????

That’s exactly what we done from start to finish???

The dynamics for the Day was to have fun and be ourself.

Grace,Ali-Dee,Emma-Lou ,Jen,Lindsey,Claire and Denise had the chats and spoke about everyday issues and battles we all have.

We spoke about Social media its pros and cons.The day was so full of encouragement and positivity.

The sponsors involved allowed us to have amazing goodie bags and lots of generous brands gave us spot prizes for all our attendees.

Our sold out venues including

Cork and Dublin means that 2018 we will be back with a bang……