I promise I would do a Product list on what I Used to achieve Denise Van Outen hair look at the shoot for Bellamantia.

The prep is so important on a shoot as we wanted to achieve 2 looks so the foundation needed to hold up for the day.

1.Shampooed using Precious Nature for Coloured hair &followed with the mask.A Light weight mask that leaves no residue but conditions the hair.

2.I applied Wow Root lift all over the root area and S4U Volumising Gel on mid-lengths to ends this will plump out the hair making it appear fuller.

3.I blowdried using @laniablo& size 2 ghd brush.

4.I then backcombed the crown area using Ghd Backcomb brush&Joico hair shaker.

5.Using my Soft Chatome Brush I gently smoothen the hair over ,finishing with a light mist of redken shine spray.

It is so important to leave your finish light as you need a clean base to create look no.2.

After the first shots were taken we changed up the hair for Look 2.

1.Using my Joico styler I took random sections and worked back off the face creating some volume&soft curls.

2.I let the curls cool down and using my fingers I separated the hair and sprayed Moroccan oil spray and finished with some Semi di Lino illuminating hairspray.

  • The importance of prepping the hair with the correct products will make styling so much easier.

  • Time goes quick so be on hand to fix or change up the hairstyle.

  • Always ask the brand/model your styling how they are feeling and what their dislikes are as if they are confident in the hairstyle it will make the shoot much nicer .

  • Bring the kitchen sink you never know when you need that extra clip!

  • Do your homework on the brand/model and the look they want.

  • Enjoy the day!