The 2 most regular and damaging things we do to our hair is bleaching and heat styling.

Most of us are guilty of both!

Ghd’s ,Instylers,Steampods the list is endless.These are practically in every household and most of us are reliant on these tools to tame and perfect our hair on a daily basis.

Iam not asking anybody to stop doing this I for one love good hair but what I will ask you to do in order to protect your crown is use a Heat Protector.

You would not go outside without a SPF on your face and peopleĀ  forget that the skin is actually all over our head [it doesn’t stop at our forehead!]therefore we need a protector for our scalp and our locks.

Heat will suck the Moisture levels from our hair so although it will look fantastic on that day longterm damage is being done.By applying a heat protection we will add moisture and you form a protective barrier over the hair shaft.

It will reduce the humidity ,make your hair smoother,detangle the hair easily and just improve every aspect of your haircare.

How do I use my Heat Protection Spray?

My preference is to apply when wet as it will absorb into the hair shaft and bonds before styling.

Most heat protector come in a spray form so hold the product arm length away from your hair and 3/4 spritz is plenty.Then you must comb through the hair so it evenly distributes in the hair.

The reason the spray bottles are great is you use them when the hair is dry and not get a build up of product on the hair.

What one do I get ?

Ghd do a full range of styling products thatĀ double up so you can get a root lift spray that has heat protection,a spilt end mender ,frizz cream and so on and I love their whole range .

If you prefer no sulphate/parabins then I would definitely recommend Semi Di Lino Thermal Spray .

To be honest most salon brand heat protections contain similar ingredients these are ones I use daily .

So please please next time you are putting 230 degree on your precious hair just think would I do that to my childs hair???? Pass the bottle