I get asked so often 2What are my favourite tools and products are?”.They change all the time but I have put together my stable for any hair kit.

1. Laniblo ,Invest in a good hairdryer us hairdressers use these for a reason.

The reason I love the laniblo is it allows you to create a fast smooth blowdry  that you can set in with the cooling button.The extra long lead is genius and the fact that you can personalise your hairdryer is another bonus.€99

2.Ghd Brushes  once again your tools are so important the bristle in all their brushes are super.They penetrate the heat so it sets your blowdry.These brushes will last a lifetime.

3.Ghd heat protection spray anything ghd do they do right.€15-

4.Tangle Teaser Bring yours into the shower and brush through your conditioner/mask .If you have little girls in your house trust me there will no fights once you bring one of these home.Most households have at least 2!Thank me later.€15

5.Olaplex Bond perfector .No.3 is homecare and a diluted version of steps1&2 you don’t need to have step 1 to use this product.This product is a must if your thinking of a colour correction.Use in the weeks leading and your colour result will be amazing.It has allowed us hairdressers to achieve results never seen before.€42

6.Semi di Lino Shampoo,Sulphate-free,Parabin Free safe to use if your pregnant or on medication.Speak to a stylisy and get the correct one for your hair type.

7.Semi Di Lino Mask once again the better condition your hair is in the better colour result you will achieve.€12.50-

8.Joico Hair Shaker If I had to have 1 product on a shoot this is it.Apply wet to root to create root life.Apply dry to roots to give hold.if you like backcombing then this is game changer.You can also apply to mid lengths and ends and it gives texture.€25

9.Energising Lotion The most common problem I find with women is hair loss this product will stimulate hair growth and strengthen the hair shaft .It is our best selling product for a reason ,once you use this you will repurchase its ingredients have so much benefits .€26

10.Alfarparf Diamond Oil can be used on wet or dry hair.The smell alone is divine and it will prevent the hair from humidity and dryness.The price point is so reasonable €16 for an oil of such high quality.

At different times of my hairdressing I reach to different products but these all remain in my bag when Iam off to do a shoot or a wedding.If you have used any of these or would like to add to the list please do as a hair addict I do love new finds!!!

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