The newest addition to Pelo Hairdressing and were  has this tool has been my hairdressing career!

Myself and Shauna were up completing our training with Gold Fever when we came across and fell in love with The Instyler.My extension styling has uped its game 100% with the helping hand of this gadget.I tried every technique and tool possible on the market to create that soft bouncy effect that would hold for hours and nothing compares to the Instyler.

  Why and How??????

The secret lies in the rotating cylinder and the bristles that allow you to set each strand of hair.It glides over the hair and creates a smooth and polished finish to the hair.

As a hairdresser condition is my no.1 priority and the Instyler once again delivers as its lower it heat than traditional hot tools.

So how does it manage to get better results???

It doesn’t need extreme heat as the bristles are penetrating to the individual strand thus making the style stay in place forever!

That’s the facts now here’s the inside tips and tricks.

1.Prep your hair correct using professional shampoo&conditioner.

2.Always apply your heat protection.

3.Blowdry your hair to create a smooth base.

4.Spilt your hair in half and work the sections back off your face.

Hold the Instyler for 30 seconds.

5.Pin them curls/sections this allows the hair to set.

Let the hair cool for at least 15minutes ,the longer you leave them the better.

6.Finish with Semi diLino Hairspray or Humidity Blocker.

If you want to have achieve that soft undo look that trust me,save yourself time and invest in an Instyler I promise it won’t disappoint.