Inspiring,Moviational,Hard Working and Talented are just some of the words I’d use to describe these 2 humans!

When you are a team leader its so important that you too have a mentor or idol that you can get positive ideas from.A role model will help you strive to achieve your goals.The important part to remember is stay true to yourself.

                    I have 2 lists ,no.1 is for Now and no.2 is for Life !My list changes all the time I add ,subract ,tick off that list but it helps me stay focused.The days I feel like giving up I check that list and remember why I started.

                      Alan Austin Smith is unbelievable he reminds and teaches you that if you want change then change something,he reminds you that its not supposed to be easy if it was everyone would do it and most importantly stand out from the crowd!Then we listened to Sophia’s journey the highs,the lows and all the stuff in between and once again I learnt that she never stopped believing in herself and her dream.She stayed through to her values and beliefs and worked bloody hard.Her success was not overnight.

                          People ask me all the time why I do these courses & seminars and I belief education is the key to success and what you learn from inspiring leaders is priceless.

                         Pelo Hairdressing is only in its 1st year and I know what I need to do to get it to where I want it so our next step to our destination is under way

Me and Sophia

She as beautiful in person as you would imagine.

I would recommend Alan Austin Smith to anyone in the Industry