Firstly Iam going to speak to you about my relationship with my HAIR.

So Me&My Hair have had a rocky road the last 5 years.It started to thin out over the years of being a trainee and bleaching my locks on a Saturday night just because I was young and wanted to experiment.My mother always warned me that my “strawberry blonde”,GINGER hair would fall out on the pillow one day !Clearly I never listened….

                                                     Fast forward a few more years[a lot more bleach] and I was so stressed trying to get pregnant that my hair started to thin out so you have no bald patches but your over all appearance is lifeless fine hair..Diffuse thinning can be caused by stress or hormonal changes and its very hard to treat this and can re-occur at any time.Women experience this post-pregnancy when the hormonal change is occurring in our beautiful bodies.

                                                    My journey with IVF began and  my hair on my head thinned out my facial hair increased..Fantastic!!I was applying my Great Length Hair Extensions [these are applied with keratin so no damage to the natural hair is caused],while I was getting my face threaded very 10days. This was such an emotional time for me already and the added stress of my hair thinning out was such a daily worry .I spoke to my doctor and as when I’m undergoing treatment you cant take any medication to help reduce your hair loss so I contacted Aileen Maher who is a Hairloss & Wig Specialist and she recommended The Scalp Care from Alfaparf.


Step 1. Purifying Shampoo ,this is a daily relief shampoo that will remove dandruff or any build up on the scalp.You apply this to dry hair and massage into the scalp and then wash as normal.

It will clear your scalp of products and create a healthy base for your new growth.This shampoo can be used daily but I only use it once every 2 weeks.

Step 2.Energizing Shampoo ,use this as my 2nd shampoo ,it is a regenerating treatment that contributes to preventing hairloss.It gives your hair and scalp life and energy as such.

Step 3. Semi di lino Illuminating Conditioner apply to mid lengths and ends using a tangle teaser to brush through.This will hydrate your hair keeping it healthy and shiny.

Step 3. Energizing Lotion  This is one of my favourite products.

An intensive energising concentrate that revive the follicle by stimulating the hair fibre making it stronger and also prolongs the life of the follicle

 You apply this to the scalp area all over your head with the nozzle applicator and massge into all areas concentrating on any areas of hair loss.

Don’t rinse this product out you can blowdry into the hair.I apply this up to 4 per week.

Once a week I do an olaplex homecare no3 followed with Repartive Mask this will strengthen the mid lengths & ends

It also so important to use a heat protector daily this will protect the hair shaft from any heat damage,although I adore my ghd its 230 degrees!!!!

I also must add that I cannot be without my hair extensions as the confidence it gives me daily is priceless.

Iam currently on a break from Ivf meds so my hair is at its best and my facial hair is undercontrol but I know in July whats ahead of me so I will be back on it as for most of us women our hair is our crown and this Princess doesn’t want to loose her tiara yet.

 A euro coin size is plenty if you don’t get a lather add more water not more product

 no sulphates,parabins or any nasty ingredients so safe for prepregnancy,ivf treatment,breastfeeding or while on any medication