The Day was an amazing success and I was honoured to be apart of Nima’s Event and enjoyed my time on stage and meeting all the beautiful ladies who attended.

So other than meeting so many amazing inspiring ladies there’s one issue I really want to address and that’s Terri McEvoy.What an amazing ambassador for an even more amazing brand.

                             I’m very new to the blogging scene as I really only started out snapping my Ivf journey in a bid to raise awareness for all us women having to struggle to conceive[and the fact a camera crew were already documenting  my life I said sure why not],but the term Social Influencer is such a strong word that I really feel the desire to address this.

                              In my opinion there is different types of Social Influencers….

1. Social Brand Influencers somebody paid to promote a brand or product with an end result of sales being higher.

2.Social Life Influencer somebody who helps influence others in the right direction,helps to guide others when their battling or struggling in life.Someone who is relatable to,who is kind ,supportive and has life skills.

Once you are aware of the differences then both are fine.

But just rememeber we live in a world full of social media where anything can be portrayed…

A nice picture,a good angle and even better lighting can hide a multitude.

So remember when your choosing who to follow as an Influencer if it makes you feel bad about yourself or your situation then unfollow, you will find somebody else that will fit you and what your about.

                              Terri McEvoy has the mix down to a tee,while she promotes products she is very selective only putting her creditable name to brands she can relate to[and I don’t just mean the brand itself,i mean what’s or who’s behind the brand is also so important].I watched this lady all day long interacting with every single person in the room,[while In 5inch heels] and no picture or chat was overlooked.

Women supporting women !!!!

“Love the Mug” was such a great finish to “Building each other up “……