Breakthrough pre-shampoo spray treatment instantly removes metals + minerals that dull, darken + distort your hair color. Instantly extracts: color-distorting elements found in tap and well water; metals that interfere with color processing; minerals that leave a dulling film on hair and make your hair feel stiff, coarse + rough. WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone who wants to keep their hair color and/or highlights (natural, or chemically-derived!) fresh, light and bright by removing environmental elements that wreck color. IDEAL FOR: All hair types and colors. Safe, non-harsh, non-stripping spray is especially effective on pale shades of blonde, grey, ash and white and all lighter hair shades that are prone to show stains and discoloration from metals and minerals. WHEN TO USE DREAM FILTER: Suggested use is every 3-4 shampoos to keep your color looking fresh and bright. But, with frequent exposure to well water or chlorine, you can use it more often (even daily) because, unlike chelating products, DREAM FILTER is extremely gentle. FOR BEST RESULTS, USE DREAM FILTER EVERY TIME YOU COLOR YOUR HAIR: Your salon colorist will get better results when he/she uses Dream Filter prior to applying color chemicals. This is because metals that accumulate on your hair (like copper) can accelerate the color process, which can lead to unpredictable results or even damage your hair. NO HEAT, NO CAP, NO MESSY PRODUCT TO DEAL WITH