Hi guys ,Denise here I’m currently studying Trichology with The London Institute of Trichologists preparing for my exams so I said I would keep myself accountable and do some blog posts.

The course is really intense and some of the modules are very science based but I said I would share some hair and scalp content in order to help others identify some conditions they might be suffering with different forms of hairloss.Hair shedding is the one Im going to explain this week.

Telogen Effluvium there is two types of TE

Acute Telogen Effluvium this is the sudden shedding of hair and can appear very suddenly.It usually involves a drastic excess of hair shedding rapidly.You will find alot of hair in your brush particularly after shampooing the hair.This can be triggered by Trauma.It could be post partum or can occur after surgery or giving birth/labour.It usually follows 6/8 weeks after trauma and has no signs or symptoms of it occurring.Tropical products have shown great results and we offer lots of different brands including Alfaparf,Nioxin and Kemon depending on your budget and to fit into your lifestyle.

Chronic Telogen Effluvium is progressive hair shedding.When the excess hair shedding last longer than 9 months its called CT.Hair length does not reach the length it use to.It can occur at any age but a lot of the time we see it later in life.The shedding has been ongoing over a number of years.We some times become aware of this as the scalp becomes visible yet we have no indicate of when the hairloss started as its been the same amount of shedding over a number of years.Alot of our clients who have experienced this now wear hairpieces when going out or get tape extensions to fill out their hair.

I hope with these explanations it helps in knowing that there is options available and that these conditions are normal and that your not alone.By reaching out to your hairdresser or even your friends you will find so many women being in the same boat right now or previously.I found Nioxin night oil An amazing help with my hairloss homecare alongside using my laser comb on alternative days.For more information on this reach out to me in salon or through my social media platforms.

Another recommendation is to get your bloods checked with your GP,drink water and eat a wholesome varied diet.I don’t like to include this one as sometimes its alot harder than the others but try manage stress levels as best you can!

See you next week Denise xxx