Hair routine for Dandruff,a lot of the time stress,dry air conditions,hormones and sensitivity to products can irrate our scalp.I have put togther some tips that I have found to work on clients with dandruff.

Start off by oiling the scalp at least twice at the beginning of this homecare you will only be doing this as maintance when we clear the scalp.

Apply Pure silk all over scalp leave for at least 1 hour or overnight if you can.The next morning Prior to shampoo use Clear it scalp scrub all over dry scalp this will remove the excess dead skin cells and will promote circulation of scalp.

Shampoo using an anti dandruff shampoo or medicated over the counter one (just be aware of drying out on the hair /scalp and make sure to supplement Moisture into the routine if you do as some of these shampoo can be strong.Kemon anti dandruff is amazing as it’s suitable for sensitive scalps too,again leave the shampoo to settle on scalp for 3min rinse and reapply.

Luke warm water always

Gently brush the scalp twice a day.

You need to shampoo the hair at least 3 times per week. This could be forever but you will know after week 6.

Make sure you are tying hair up going to bed and you sleep on satin or silk pillowThis will also help so much with friction on the hair and prevent the actual hair being dry.

After scalp is freshly washed apply Nak mineral defense this will balance the ph of the scalp.Thank me later for this product!Also you can apply this product any time (dry scalp or wet scalp )

Apply uv filter to scalp or wear hat when outside.

let me know if you have tried anyone of these tips or if you yourself have any to share!

Much love Denise xxxx