As so many women are navigating their way through the menopause adding hairloss can be so stressful.

First of all I want to take a minute to explain why the hairloss could be occurring.We see quite a lot of hair textures changing and becoming much finer this is due to the hair follicles shrinking.

Hormones-Estrogen and Progesterone levels fall this also results in hairloss.

I’m going to put together a few steps that will definitely help and slow down the process.

1.Soft brushes for the scalp and the hair.Satin or Silk pillowcase.

2.Reduce heated tools and always make sure you are using heat protection.

3.Try using a scalp scrub once a week to clear the follicle and allow hair to breathe.Voduz Clear it is amazing it has peppermint to stimulate and soothe scalp.

4.The correct homecare one brand I have seen excellent results over the years is Kemon P-Factor hairloss prevention shampoo and conditioner.This brand is so respectful to sensitive scalps.Moisture Treatment once a week on your hair as I find most womens hair become dry.Voduz nourishing Mask or Joico Moisture recovery are Devine.Pop on an overnight oil on the scalp&hair to nourish and also to treat yourself!Puresilk contains Argan oilAnd a hairloss one I love Is Nioxin.

5.Water in take all day long,alongside a healthy diet.

6.Reduce stress,I know this is easier said than done but try as much as possible.

7.Try satin bobbins or grips to tie up your hair to reduce breakage.

8.Toppers are becoming so popular with clients who are conscious of a visible scalp.They can be clipped on/off so easily and really help my clients confidence.

9.Tape extensions are amazing for achieving the volume back into my clients hair.We use mainly the filler service to plump out and again gain back confidence.

10.PRSI grant now covers our clients 500 euro towards their hairloss aftercare due to stress, trauma and even surgery.Pop into one not our salons to get a FREE consultation and our team will guide you.

11.Oxygen therapy in salon professional service to help stimulate new growth.

I have found when my clients choose to go on HRT it takes 6-12 months in helping with reducing hairloss.B12,Iron,Vitamin A,Zinc and Biotin are also proven to help but check with your gp before you start on any supplements.

I really hope this piece gives you some advise and options you can also dm me on my Instagram social media platform @denise_bethphillips or @pelodolls.I will also pop a link to our online shop and you can avail of a discount with the code Pelo10.

Thanks for all your constant support,Denise xxx