Do you suffer with dry scalp it could be dry dandruff,oily dandruff a build of products or hormone imbalance.By adding Voduz Clear it to your homecare will help so much.

Exfoilating the scalp For me this is the number one step in everyone’s homecare.It can be once a week or daily everyone needs to exfoliate the skin on their scalp just like we do the skin on our face and body.Trust me even if you have a healthy scalp one application and you will be hooked.

My best recommendation when applying our scrub is to do so on dry hair before you jump into the shower.I find my clients will just take an extra minute this way.

Pop it on to your hands and rub your fingertips together to evenly distrubute  the product first then start on your hairline and massage all over the scalp.If you have heavy dandruff or thick hair I would invest in Buff it brush makes life way easier too.

When you do jump into the shower add some luke warm water and again work up a lather for 3/4 minutes massaging the scalp then rinse and apply your normal sulphate &parabain free homecare

Here are some benefits that you will see after your first application ,Enjoy

  • Scalp treatment. An exfoliating scalp treatment can unclog follicles which will make your hair appear fuller and healthier
  • stimulate circulation and in turn helps hair growth
  • Peppermint will help calm issues like itchiness and sensitivity on scalp
  • Remove residue of products from scalp
  • Remove excess dead skin cells quickly
  • Clear of the scalp and allow the ingredients from your shampoo to truely work
  • Bio-degrable granules so very respectful to environment also won’t be left behind on the scalp
  • Uv filter to protect scalp from environmental damages
  • Voduz Clear it Scalp scrub is sulphate and parabin free
  • can be used while pregnant but I would recommend using a small bit on the nape of the neck if you have never used it before.

We have scalp cameras in salon so it’s amazing to see the difference after just one application .If you need further assistance with scalp health we have our oxygen therapy machine which delivers amazing results with hard to shift areas of build up.

Let me know how you get on I will link the site here