So what are we going to do over the next few weeks….enjoy life and not worry too much about it.

If however them roots are getting you down I have written down some simple advice.

Invest in a Professional Root touch up.

We offer our clients the choice of 2,a spray formuls and a powder one.

The Joico spray comes with a tiny nozzle that will help direct the product more acurately.

It has been developed with Bio Advanced PeptiteComplex .Its fast drying and gives a full coverage effect .

Comes in a range of colours and retails E15.95

My favourite is a powder formula as its buildable and lighweight on the hair and scalp.I feel you can customise areas alot easier and its more consumer friendly.

We stock the ColorWow root touch ups.

These comes in a variety of colours including RED.

There is no waxes,dyes or parabens in these.

The are water resitant but will shampoo out .They dont leave the hair stiff or dull and allows our clients scalp to be in safe hands.

They retail at E38.95 but will definetly last months.


1.Hold down the hair tight with your hands and apply directly on to the areas .

2.Dab the product into the area.If using spray then do so too 6inches away from area.

3.Use the wide end if brush to blend out .

4.Check your result and add more if needed.

5.Wash your hair before applying more root cover .

6.Try use an exfoilant at least once a week while using these products frequently.

Any more questions Pelo do offer a FREE video Consult online above in our menu .

Thanks for all your support in this time ,we will be bacj very soon.xxxx