Hair Growth

Hair growth I would love to be writing this article telling you that the products in our stores will magical make your hair grow more than science has proven but unfortunately that’s not the case.The average hair growth is maximum 3/4inch to 1inch per month.(I will do a separate blog Post  for chemotherapy patients).

There is some important factors that will help growth but I really want you to be aware of false claims,advertising and social media pictures that can lead us to believe there is miracle lotions.Straightening of hair, positioning of head and lighting can make us think otherwise.

So there is 3 stages of the hair growth cycle Anagen-growing stage,Catagen -resting stage and Telogen-shedding stage.At Any time your hair is in one of these all depending on Genetics,Environmental factors,lifestyle/diet or stress these all have an impact of our hair growth.

Here’s are some tricks and tips that will help your hair growth.

Circulation it is vital for hair growth.Massaging products with fingertips or using a massage comb has shown results.It will also increase blood circulation and your hair follicles will receive oxygen and nutrients.

Using correct professional products is so important. Shampoo to exfoliate and clear the scalp.This will allow the scalp to be healthy and will create a healthy environment for growth.It will regulate the sebaceous secretion and stimulate scalp vitality.Followed by Scalp conditioner this will prepare the scalp ,soothe and hydrate it and get it ready for your hair stimulating products.These are applied to freshly washed scalp and will increase the thickness of hair that is there.They will increase density and improve signs of alopecia in alot of cases.We recommend this 3 step system 3 times per week.

We have 3 different hairloss brands to offer our clients depending on price point and suitability. Kemon,Alfaparf and Nak as well as the styling range from Nioxin.

Oxygen Therapy-  we are one of the few salons in Ireland to offer Kemon oxygen therapy machines this is used to deliver lasting safe results to the scalp by using pure oxygen.It is available in both  salons.

Minoxidil,Vitamins and any prescription should be only recommended by the Doctor.

We recommend staying clear or root powders,root sprays and over use of styling products as well as heat tools.

We here at Pelo Hairdressing offer free scalp camera consultations and a full service of Wigs,tpartings to cover thinning hair using medical tape.Secret spits to cover small alopecia areas.We accept and are compliant for Medical card patients and all private Health Insurance.

To book a free consultation in any of our services Call 01 7979358 Dublin 9 or 045450222 Newbridge.

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