We see huge improvements in Alfaparf New Scalp Range including

Urban Defense Pro,to protect hair from enviromental damage

Shine Fix complex,to give us that glow

Colour Fix complex,to protect our colour

Microbiotic System a mix of probiotics and prebiotics as well as some others I will tell you about in each range.

First up Hair with Dry and Oily Dandruff issues.It rebalance ,purifies and prevents.The scalp is deeply purified and free from dandruff.

Step1.Gentle Exfoilating Scrub-apply dry section by section and hop into your shower

Step2.Purifying Shampoo -lather up and allow to settle

Step3. Apply Energizing Tonic. do not rinse out.

Next up one of the most popular for hair that tends to fall out.This will Strengthen and stimuate Scalp and hair fibres regain rebalance and body.It contains biorenew complex which will prolong the life of the follicle and increases its vitality.

Step1.Energizing Shampoo-up for at least 5 minutes

Step2.Energizing Lotions  1vial 4 times per week for 3 weeks.

Step3.Enerizing Tonic.this can be used regularly for at least 1month.

This next one is very popular for teenagers and young adults.

Oily Scalp The scalp will regain its natural balance free from excess oiliness.Active ingredients will reduce the skin oilys apperance through targeted action on pores.

Step 1.Balance shampoo- lather up on scalp

Step 2.Energizing Tonic do not rinse out.

Last but certaintly not least this range is delivering huge results for our clients it gives relief for Sensitive Skin.

Soothes ,brings comfort and Hydrates Derma comfort Complex a soothing active ingredient.This will reduce scalp discomfort,reddness,burining,itching.It basicalDermaly delivers comfort to the scalp.

Step1.Calming Shampoo

Step2.Calming lotion Do not rinse out

You notice I haven’t included any conditioner for the hair as in this post I wanted to concentrate on the scalp.

This range will shampoo the hair and clean it perfectly but its aimed at the scalp and thats why there is not a match for the hair .However Alfaparf have a full range of conditioning products which will follow tomorrow.